Work address

  • Kleintierspezialisten Augsburg Überweisungszen
  • Max-Josef-Metzger Str. 9
  • Augsburg
  • 86157


Ursula Mayer graduated form Veterinary School of Leipzig (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) in 2001. She finished her Doctoral thesis in the field of Dermatology at Viennas Veterinary school in 2003. She carries the Certificate of Veterinary Dermatology since 2006 and she is a member of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology since 2008. After a clinical Lecturer position at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA) she opened her own Dermatology practice in Germany in 2009 After working in 4 Veterinary clinics in southern Germany she has concentrated her practical work to a Specialist clinic in Augsburg in 2012. Working in private practice she kept her high interest in scientific and lecture work. She has authored scientific articles in national and international journals. Her areas of special interest besides otology and allergy are dermatological lasers, perianal fistulas and client communication. From 2010-2015 she held the position of the Further Education § Meetings Secretary on the board of the ESVD (European Society of Veterinary Dermatology) and since 2011 she is a part of the congress program commission of the German Veterinary Dermatology Society (DGVD). Since 2012 she works as Dermatology Consultant for Idexx VetMed Laboratory.

“What I love most about my profession is the possibility to use the most up to date scientific knowledge to benefit my patients and to help design studies based on daily clinical experience – for what is most needed in practice. Of equal importance to me is the sharing of knowledge with my veterinary colleagues in lectures and conversations”

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